Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Location

Today I'm blogging on my apartment. So, I cut my finger a while back. It hurt, but Becca was there to hold my hand (my other hand, not the bloody one). The experience taught me ten important life lessons.

1. Never cut your finger
2. If you do, never go to the emergency room.
3. If you do, watch TV while on the hospital bed.
4. Go to Outback after getting stitches.
5. If you do, Never get a burger
6. Get a steak.
7. Never get stitches on Friday the 13th
8. If you do, get 13 stitches
9. Don't get 12 stitches
10. Pay extra for that 13th stitch.

I started my 401K at work today. I chose for all my money to be invested in Sherwin-Williams, because lets face it. Their logo really knows how to stick it to two of my least favorite people: Environmentalists and Non-Imperialists.


Katy said...

I also love the subtle hint of Communism--that paint ain't red for nothing.

karenanderson said...

Kyle, you just make me laugh out loud!

Celia said...

wow. I never noticed how awkward that logo was. Man, they are communist nazis!!