Sunday, January 25, 2009


This post is dedicated to some of Nature's more beautiful creations.

The Giant Chinese Salamander

The Star-nosed Mole

The Blobfish

The Slimy Hagfish

The Hairy Angler

The Angelina Jolie


jacob said...

Ew! It has such big lips!

Alan said...

Such beautiful hair... especially when compared to the blonde below it.

Christy said...

Each more beautiful then the last:)
You are so funny.

Becca said...


I showed my work friends. They died.

Katy said...

Good heavens. Lt. Salamander needs to cut down on the hard tack and grog.

Daniel Leininger said...

Whoa! I never knew those things existed! Beauty has entered a whole new sphere! Those pictures have changed my life!

Scotty said...

LOL-- thanks I needed that.

Celia said...

My question to myself: Why don't I read your blog more often?