Thursday, September 04, 2008


I spy with my little telescopic spy mirror...something....Bungee-y!!!!!!

I spy with my little telescopic spy mirror...something....Camera-y!!!!!!

I spy with my little telescopic spy mirror...something....Bird-y!!!!!!

I spy with my little telescopic spy mirror...something....Creep-y!!!!!!

Tied for first place in the greatest sister-in-law competition is Katy Anderson. She gave me a telescopic spy mirror and some bungee cords. Eternal gold medalist in the greatest wife competition, Becca Vaughn, has a great eye for things that I will think are the cat's meow. You should see the cuff links she got me. Yowsers! They rock. She is back in school and loving every minute of it. I'm excited to vicariously learn some Welsh through her. Here is an acrostic describing my adorable wife.

Bear Grylls Enthusiast
Capri Sun

All That and a Bag of Chips
Uber Classy
Heart of Gold
Norse God of Wisdom...Pretty much
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Katy said...

COOL PICTURES. I knew I could trust you to put that telescoping spy mirror to good use.

karenanderson said...

Everyone needs a spy mirror! How I wish I had one--almost as much as one of those periscope kind of things that lets you see around the corners!

Kaity said...

this makes me wish there was a boy anderson i could marry.