Sunday, January 27, 2008

"You've Made a Difference"

The last Sunday of the month, is a very dangerous day of the month. It's easy to lose your identity amidst the confusion of trying to home teach and be home taught while your fiancee is visiting teaching, being visit taught, and being home taught. If you add church, a meeting with the bishop, homework, and an evening missionary farewell, you've got yourself a busy day. Who am I? Am I receiving or sharing the lesson? When's my next appointment? When will there be time to read my Spanish assignment? Am I Spanish? What's my name? Juan? No, that doesn't sound right.! that's my last name. Kyle Juan. Okay, I'm from Spain, but what am I doing here? What's my agenda? Who is the king of Spain? Does Spain have a king? Am I the king of Spain? I must return to the father land! Mi pueblo me necesita!

Yesterday I got a scam email allegedly from PayPal. It said I was randomly selected to verify my account information so they can see that I'm the only person using my account. What? That makes no sense. So, I went to the PayPal site and forwarded the email to them. They sent me back an email thanking me for reporting the scam, and then said "you've made a difference". I don't think anyone has ever said that to me before. It was such an unusual thing to say, but it felt good. I've made a difference.

It's not like I ever forget that I'm engaged, but sometimes, like a couple of nights ago, I'll see the ring on Becca's finger and I feel like Charlie felt when he found the golden ticket. I'm just so excited and pleasantly surprised. We went to Barnes and Noble last night to look at a cake book. It made me hungry for cake and even made me want to try and make a wedding cake of my own. Not for the wedding though. Maybe it could be a graduation cake, or a Valentines day cake, or a February 4th cake.


karenanderson said...

I love the "Nightmare" look. It's so Becca! I'll bet that our cake lady could do that--but what shade of green???

amanda said...

Dear Juan,

Suber los pantelones, Pienso que usted es chistoso, e tengo nunca para el baile del pez.


Becca said...

Mom's right. Can we pleeease have a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding??

Cannon said...

I like cake