Sunday, January 20, 2008

Congratulations! You've unlocked the mall.

Looking for places to live is really exciting. All the affordable apartments are pretty small, but what do we need a big apartment for? We just need room for a card table so that Thursday nights we can invite the Johnsons over for bridge. That's what married people do, right? So far I like Skuffs's apartment and Councilina's apartment. They both have their pluses. Tuesday I'll call and see if we could get in to either of those complexes. Tonight we just had a great dinner with my roommates and Becca's roommates. I was worried that it would be ruined due to lack of preparation on my end, but Becca and her apartment really pulled through. Now Becca is here, so I'm going to watch 30 Rock with her now. Peace.

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karenanderson said...

Good luck with the new places. It's pretty fun to go apt. shopping!