Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's over.

I just took my last final. Well, I got an A in three of my classes. I don't think I will get an A in physics though. The first half of the class I had a 103% and then I failed the second half of the class and got a C on the final. Oops. I guess that's what I deserve for not going to class, never going to a review, and not even sitting down to talk with a TA even though my very own roommate is one. I'm already signed up to retake Organic Chemistry. History is a wild card. I'm just glad it's over. I like dogs AND cats. The secret's out.

1 comment:

Alan said...

You like cats AND dogs?

Well, your cat is an unfavorable frown, and your dog is a putrid corpuscle, you yellow barrel of sticky dead skin cells.