Friday, December 15, 2006

Answer Key

Good job everyone! Next time I'll make the game a little bit more difficult. Just so that there isn't any confusion, here is the official answer key.
1. Chelsea
2. Cannon
3. Pottawattamie
4. Chazlyn
5. Lashley
6. Whit
7. Councilina Bluffs
8. Heather
9. Kyle
10. Alan
11. Amanda
12. Council Bluffs
13. Gavin Pants
14. Big B (Braxton)

Today I'm excited about taking my New Testament final and selling back my freaking Microbial Genetics book. Then tomorrow I'm going to Salt Lake with Braxton and Mary, but we'll be back in time for the Park Place 8 and Devin concert. One last item of business. Cannon has a blog. It's .

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