Sunday, July 09, 2006

This is ponderous man

I've been in a weird mood. I contemplate things and plan things and then never come to any real decision or action. Consider that comment to be a side note. I won't dwell on it. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean II with friends from work last night. It was a fun movie, but I don't see it winning any awards. Mari has wanted to hook me up with one of her friends. I met her for the first time last night at the movie. I shouldn't try to judge someone after only meeting them once, but since I only have a first impression to go on, I would say that we are not each other's type. I can't know for sure what she thought of me, but I get the feeling that she feels the same way I do. I drew a picture of an eye a while back. It's staring at me now. The eye always looks surprised. It never sees anything different. The room hardly ever changes. I can only assume that the eye can read my mind. That's the only logical explanation. What else could surprise it? I'm glad it can read my mind. It's comforting. I don't have to tell it anything. It already knows. The only problem is that it can't do anything about it, and possibly doesn't even care. It just sits there and looks surprised. God knows what I am thinking too. He cares. He knows everything, but still likes it when I tell him what's going on. That's much more comforting. Someone to talk to. Someone that understands.

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