Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gummy Ball (Hats are Showin')

When I was going through my stuff in Phoenix I came across a picture of me when I was first trying out a mohawk. It looked pretty goofy. Not even decked out in full punk gear with metal studs and a mohawk did I ever look intimidating. Some of my friends were pretty scary looking. "Wow, let's walk on the other side of the street to avoid that punk kid." But with me, people wouldn't mind asking me to babysit their young children. That's not a bad thing I guess. I never really wanted to be intimidating anyway.


Council Bluffs said...

Psst, somebody needs to tell Alice that her hats are showin.

Alan said...

How about that gallon of catsup? eh?? Hats up for THAT!

Lillian said...

I'll be honest, Kyle, I think it's basically impossible for you to look intimidating. But if you feel the urge to try then, you know, whatever. ;)