Friday, March 24, 2006

Phase 1 Complete

Well, my role in the big plan is now over. The most crucial part is happening as I write this. I am anxious to see how everything turned out. Okay, now on to a completely unrelated topic... I think that it is a lot of fun to pretend to be someone I'm not. I was just discussing it with Councilina Bluffs, Chelsea, and Council Bluffs. When you aren't yourself there is no pressure at all. You can pick your nose, act like an idiot, make fun of yourself, leave your fly unzipped, or anything else that could be embarrassing and it won't matter. I enjoy living vicariously through other people so much that on occasion I have considered living vicariously through myself. If I pretend that I'm not really me, I can take a lot of risks that I normally wouldn't take. I can just pretend that I'm writing a movie script and I'm the main character. I just do what I would want my character to do, and if something goes wrong, It's okay because by the end of the movie I know that everything is going to turn out great.

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