Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sitting in a Tree

"It takes two to tango, babe." --GMac

Alan and Councilina sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
The comes Alan pushing a baby carriage!

Alan and Councilina Bluffs are officially dating. I, along with other individuals, knew that they were made for each other. I am very happy for them. Now I get to tease them any time I get the chance, Yea!

As for me... I have been single for almost a month now. That's not too long is it? Whenever I consider getting to know a girl better, I remember the time when a girl tore my heart out and covered it in firecrackers, lit it, and threw it into a twenty-gallon drum of gasoline, and then stomped out the flames with size 16 Combat boots.(Disclaimer: This is a slight exaggeration of how I felt) These memories are by no means enough to keep me from liking girls, but they do result in me being very cautious and less confident than before. If you hit a dog repeatedly with a rolled up newspaper every time it does something wrong, after a short while it will put it's tail between it's legs and run whenever you read the Sunday Comics. Currently girls are newspapers and I'm the abused dog. I know that none of them are rolled up and ready to strike me, but they do have that potential. Bummer. I thought that would be a good analogy of what I'm going through but it makes me look like a wimp that's afraid of his own shadow. I'm also sure that girls wouldn't want to be compared to newspapers, rolled or otherwise. For now I'll try to think of a new analogy while I get out there and meet some new girls, and take it slow. What's the rush?

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