Saturday, January 28, 2006

Life in the Slow Lane

I did some shopping today. There was a sale at Dillards so I got a pair of navy slacks, a cream colored sportcoat, a lavender tie, and a blue french-cuffed shirt. I ended up spending about 60 bucks, but it isn't bad when you consider that just the slacks themselves would have cost me 95 dollars had I bought them full price. On my way home I called Alan and Gavin. I asked a common question. "What are we going to do today?" We decided on buying massive donuts and going to Del Taco. In an attempt to have some social interaction we thought of who we could call up to come with us. After one failed attempt to call someone we went alone. (On a side note, I just had a run in with some horrible acid reflux. Some stomach acid jumped up my throat and burned me pretty bad. I remembered the simple chemistry that if you mix most acids with bases you end up with water. I have heard that milk is somewhat basic so I chugged some milk, but it didn't help so I ran to Smith's for some emergency antacid. Right when I got back to the car I opened it up and drank it directly from the bottle. The relief was instantaneous and I was left very satisfied with Kroger brand antacid. The mix of massive donut and tacos may be the culprit.) After the trip, we came back to the apartment and Gavin worked on conquering Link, the great Nintendo game, while Alan and I worked on the newspaper ball some more. Then I fell asleep on the floor and woke up to go to the ward bowling activity. I left the activity and walked home alone after five or ten minutes of being there. It's not that I don't like the ward or that I don't like bowling. I even like being in crowds of people(as long as they're complete strangers). I just don't like being in crowds of acquaintances or people that I am supposed to know. It activates my fight or flight response and I chose flight in this instance. As I walked home in the snow there was a young BYU couple walking behind me and I slipped. I didn't fall but I did wave my arms like an idiot to keep my balance. Then I turned and started walking the wrong way just so that the young couple wouldn't still be behind me. I wasn't really embarrassed, but I was afraid that if they continued to walk behind me and I did it a few more times, I WOULD be. While taking my detour I ran across the big stone sphere outside of the JSB. I had my tape measure so I measured its diameter so that I could compare it to the newspaper ball. We still have a ways to go if we want to compete with it. When I got home Lashley called and we got caught up on eachother's lives. Then I saw that my friend Abby called, so I called her back and we had a very pleasant chat. She is in Chicago and her boyfriend is working on getting his PhD. Wow. I will never get a PhD. I'm struggling for a Bachelors degree. Talking with Abby felt good. It's weird to think that we only knew each other for a short while before I left for college and my mission and I haven't seen her since March 3rd, 2003, but we have still managed to keep in touch.

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