Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Day

I awoke later than I would have hoped.
I ate some knock-off fruity pebbles.
I showered and shaved.
I studied.
I went to Chemistry.
Chemistry ate my whole head.
I sulked.
I got over it.
I studied.
I studied.
I microwaved and ate some frozen burritos.
I goofed off.
I took a nap.
I went to work.
I came home.
I goofed off.
I wrote this.

Now I'll randomly select one of the day's amazing activites to comment on.
aosidjfoiaeoijfoiahds a;sdhfl;auhgfhasdlfhahgiurhgoih"LSDk
;ajds;kjb;fdgbahdfjaijfoheoihqwouehr iuhruhgahhadfh

I always buy frozen burritos and eat them when doused in hot sauce. It is pretty yummy.

This insult goes out to T-N-Y-O. Your timing is a horrible cake-eater, you silly vat of incoherent lint!

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