Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've Been Poisoned!

Food poisoning that is. At least it sure seemed like food poisoning. I don't want to believe it though, because that means one of my favorite restaurants tried to kill me! That leaves me with only three options.

1. Risk my life for a mushroom, bacon, bleu cheese, and buffalo sauce burger with a side of fries by going again.
2. Be unhappy forever by never going again.
3. Lick every doorknob and remote control I come into contact with for the next few months in an effort to build up an immune system capable of combating a healthy dose of contaminated mushrooms.

In the mean time... funny video below! Don't watch all of it. The first thirty seconds is enough to get the idea.


Kyle said...

Okay, actually at least watch the first 40 seconds.

Cannon said...

I can't think of one wrong thing to say about your post. I wanted to complain but it was literally literary. Whatever that even means...