Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Take a look around you. Take a good hard look at everyone in the room with you. One of them will be dead at the end of the day (assuming of course that you are currently in a room containing a random sample of 5000 Americans). By dividing the number of people who die every day in the United States by the population of the United States, I decided that I have a 0.02% chance of dying any given day. I like my odds. I'm pretty sure I'm going to live forever. Get used to me.

That being said, my website is up and running! Here's a link.

Vaughn Life Coaching, LLC


Katy said...

Awesome!! I think I do need to have a head shot though; I don't want that Ryan character upstaging me in your testimonials. Psh.

Cannon said...

I feel invincible! Accordingly to those stats I could skydive without a parachute and still my odds of survival are impeccable. You've given me hope life coach Kyle. Thanks for all that you do.