Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's He Up To?

Here are some pictures of George W. Bush. Can you guess what he is doing in each picture? Here are some options to choose from. Not all options will be used and options can be used more than once.

Giving a speech
Dodging a shoe
Telling a joke
Signing a document
Cutting a cake
Pardoning a turkey
Checking out Condoleeza Rice
Receiving a Medal

I love George W. Bush. Can you believe people still call him a war monger? Look at the guy! That's ridiculous. Okay, Okay, everyone has a right to call him a war criminal or whatever if they want, but I reserve the right to call Obama a communist. Fair is fair.

I'm home alone again. Becca is paying California a visit. Today I took her to the airport, came home and cleaned. Then I went to Home Depot to get supplies for some little projects I wanted to do. Now the house is clean and the projects are done and I still have a lot of night left. I think I'll watch TV until I pass out. Oh yeah, and our couch came today! It's beautiful. I'd take a picture, but the batteries are dead in my camera and I'm sure Becca has hers with her in California. I may blog about it later, but most likely I'll just wait and let Becca do it. She's better at that kind of thing than me.


Celia said...

You have to get batteries!! Take a picture, please!! Where is it from? This is so exciting! Can you lay down on it long enough! That's the most important part.

p.s. That George Bush is a rascal.

KJV said...

He's pardoning a turkey, I think.

crazyhans said...

i think he is running around saying," mummy!!!! i don't wanna go home"