Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hey, how's it going?

Long time no blog. Thank you for reading my blog. It makes it feel good about itself. I was talking to it just the other day and it was all like, "You know what? a lot of cool people read me, and I hope some of their coolness rubs off on me". I agree. A lot of cool people read this blog. I know of one absolute moron who reads it too, but everyone else is cool.

Some stuff happened, so here's the HEADLINES.

Kyle, Becca Leave Apartment. Complex Mourns.

Becca, Spouse Move in with Council Bluffs, Emily. Neighborhood Rejoices.

EXTRA: Vaughns Buy Condo in Springville.

LA Wins Pennant thanks to Angels in the Outfield!


Ken said...

Well!!! I've never been so insulted!
But, congratulations on the condo.

amanda said...

I am cool, here is some coolness, I have a little extra.

Celia said...


Oh man. I can't stop laughing. Nathan and I talked about Angels in the Outfield IN DEPTH last night. I think this is a sign I SHOULD move it to the top of the Netflix queue.

Cannon said...

I umm... never read this. Well it depends. I didn't read this blog... maybe.

Celia said...

I just read this AGAIN with Nathan and we both laughed hysterically. It's STILL funny.

Celia said...

You should just copy and paste this blog entry again sometime in a few months. I'll read and laugh I just did this third time. Man, this is my favorite post ever. That and the Michael Jackson / E.T. one.

Celia said...

Kyle- I know this is super annoying that I keep commenting on this, but every time I read it is is so funny that I HAVE to comment. Man. I hope I'm not the absolute moron. It kind of seems like it with all my obsessiveness over this post. But seriously- you are so funny.