Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Daily Life

I've been neglecting to record my day to day activities. This was today:

Becca's cell phone went off at 6:45 just like every morning. I got up and turned on the heat and went back to bed. The alarm went off again at 7:00 and I got up for good, showered, ate an apple, and wondered if 1:00pm Kyle would be mad at me for only eating an apple. Then I brushed my teeth, dropped Becca off at work, drove to Springville, clocked in at work, and sat down at my computer. I didn't have any emails, so I read some results from the day before and cleaned up a bit. Paola asked me to look into equipment to do some testing for anaerobic bacteria so I looked into it for a while and saw a few different things ranging from 15,000 dollars to 600 dollars. I decided that I'll have to talk to her and figure out how fancy we want to get before I research any further. Then I set up some samples and started to get mad a 7:30am Kyle for only eating an apple. That jerk. I eventually went to lunch. I ate a ham sandwich and questioned the existence of the world. After lunch I set up more samples, did some data entry, and then went home. Becca was almost finished with a delicious chicken scallopine dinner. 5:15 Kyle was very grateful for 5:15 Becca. In fact, 9:00PM Kyle is grateful for 5:15 Becca even though he has never met her. All he knows is that there's a good feeling in his insides and 5:15 Becca is responsible for it.


Becca said...

almost creepy?

Katy said...

Yes. Bona-fide creepy.