Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Nothing makes me more outraged than cleaning checks. Last night I called in at work and put off some much needed studying so that I could clean. Then, this morning the idiotic manager came and FAILED us! She's even trying to charge us 20 bucks for a recheck! That uninteresting concoction of moldy diapers isn't getting any of my money! Alan just made the point that she'll just take it out of my deposit, but we can just do more damage to this place than the deposit is worth! One hundred dollars is well worth the satisfaction of breaking all the windows and tearing up the carpet only to replace it with cottage cheese and strips of raw bacon. I can feel the rancor overtaking me. I should be studying for the quiz I have today, but I can't. I'm too mad. I want revenge. A cleaning check is a cleaning check, not an exam. We aren't professional cleaners in custodial school. The check should be- "Was this cleaned?" It shouldn't be, "was this cleaned perfectly so that it looks like no one has actually ever lived here?" I want out of here. I'm sick of BYU approved housing. I'll take living in an apartment complex filled with prostitutes and drug dealers over Park Place management any day.

Hopefully I'll cool off soon. All my ideas for revenge will only make things worse. If I make their life more difficult, they'll get mad and be even bigger jerks. It just sucks that they are by nature bigger jerks than I am and no matter how evil I try to be they will always be one step ahead. I just need to forget about it. In less than a year I'll be done with this stage of my life and I'll have a fun new set of problems to deal with. I can't wait.


Becca said...

It's a good thing that we're running away to Santiago soon.

Cannon said...


TheMoncurs said...

Also, they can send you to collections for the damage. Which, really, might ruin your ability to rent anywhere, even at a place with prostitutes and drug dealers. A bacon floor sounds kinda neat though.

(Becca's friend and former property manager)

TheMoncurs said...

...but not Becca's former property manager.

(not a proofreader)

amanda said...

When you are revenging against the management, will you do me a favor and leave a note stating that I would like my parking sticker that matches my apartment number so I can park in my spot. It's been a month and I would like a turn too, and apparently me asking for it isn't good enough. At least we know that management is CONSISTANTLY really bad at everything.