Saturday, January 06, 2007

Is that Gavin MacGregor?

Today after CB's basketball game one of the eighth graders from the other team looked up at Gavin and said, "Is that Gavin MacGregor? I named my fantasy basketball team after you!" Gavin's famous. I don't think there is one eighth grader on the planet that knows who I am. Basketball games aren't for me. I don't have the personality for them. Too loud. Too much booing and trash talking. Griggity Griggity Gross. I'd rather be used as hippo bait.

When it snowed recently I was walking home from work. There were footprints all over, but I made sure I walked in the fresh snow. It reminded me of a walk I took last year. It was really late at night and I was out walking by myself. There weren't any cars driving by or people outside. Just snow falling quietly. I walked around for a while without any direction and then started walking towards the temple. My footprints were the only ones in the snow that night. Often I'd look back to see how far my footprints went and then I'd look forward to see the untouched snow. It's about time that pumpkin outside our apartment jumped off the nearest bridge.


Hyrum said...
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Lillian said...

Man Kyle, it seems you have dropped off the face of the world. Or at least, the blogging world. Where have you gone??? The time I used to spend agonizing over other people's lives has been reduced... I don't like having to only think about my own problems all the time... I'm going to become all self-absorbed and out-of-touch with reality! Help! Really though, hope your semester has been going well :)