Wednesday, December 06, 2006


So, It looks like me and Pottawattomie are engaged! When I heard about Chelsea and Council Bluffs getting engaged, I went into a jealous rage followed by a jealous coma and then jealous rehabilitation. I wanted to go with CB on that honeymoon package! Who does Chelsea think she is swooping in like that and stealing my vacation. ARRRGGHHH. Well I decided to go ahead and get married too so I can go with them on the honeymoon. I chose to marry P-dub for a few reasons.
1. She was online and the most easy to get a hold of.
2. I'm tired of dating.
3. Pottawattomie Vaughn has a nice ring to it.
4. Kyle Vaughn and Sara Riehle score a 94% on the love calculator.
We'll get married whenever Chelsea and CB tie the knot, as long as I make some brownies.


Jacob said...

Man, it is like everyone is getting engaged. I want to get engaged too, I'm just not in Utah today so that makes it a little hard.

Lillian said...

This stupid marriage craze is making me kind of sick. I mean, come on! just because dating sucks doesn't mean that marriage is really any better... like, there's that whole problem that starts with a b and ends with an aby.

Can't we all just be single and friends for the rest of our lives???

Kyle said...

You're right Lil. I've seen too many marriages destroyed by a British Lullaby. Maybe being single forever IS the way to go.