Saturday, November 11, 2006


Busy week. I just want to take this time to acknowledge the studity of my apartment. Last Saturday we all had dates, and this weekend many of us have dates. I'm not included in that "many", but I am included in the "all" that went on dates last week. Lafe from work set me up on a blind date with a girl in his ward. We made and ate Taco Salad at Lafe's house. It was weird to be in a home. A real home with parents and teenagers and stuff. That was my first experience in a Provo home. It was scary. After eating we went bowling at the Wilkinson Student Center. I saw Heather there. That was cool. I beat everyone in bowling. That's right. I rock. I'm the best. Bow down to the lord of all that is bowling. Well, I won, but my score was only 116. None of us were experienced bowlers. Then we went and got ice cream because I like ice cream and I don't care who knows it. This week was another hectic week. I thought it was over now, but it's not. I forgot that I'm teaching Sunday School. My parents are going to be here tomorrow. That's exciting too. I get to show them my turf. My stomping grounds. Introduce them to my peeps, my homies, my allies. Yeah, I'll just post some pictures and call it a night.

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