Saturday, July 29, 2006

Last Day

I awoke at a not so early hour, but achieved something great in a minute and thirty-six seconds. I had some egg sandwiches and watched a small part of a movie on comedy central. It intrigued me because the star(the same guy who played Feris Bueler) had recently dropped out of his masters degree program for molecular biology and was now devising a plan to steal plasmids and a lab book in order to make a million dollars. The movie didn't hold my interest very long, even though Dennis Hoffman and Sean Connery were also in it.

My last day at work went well. I never saw Amanda do a cartwheel though. I wanted someone to be rude to me, but everyone was nice. My last customers was also one of my first customers from a year ago. He was really picky, but nicer this time than last time, so I had no reason to rip him a new one. I'm sad to be closing the Dillards chapter of my life. It was a good one.

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