Tuesday, March 28, 2006

An Interesting Day

I woke up and cooked some eggs and chatted with Alan. While he was walking out the door I threatened to cut his throat while he slept. I hope he didn't take it too bad. I was only kidding. OR WAS I? Then I did a quick chem review and left in time to spend three hours in the testing center. After two hours I was barely half done with the exam. The last hour I was sweating bullets and tapping my fingers uncontrollably on the desk. "Stop TAPPING!" I wanted to scream. My brain was sending the signals, but my fingers weren't listening. "Stop IT! You're going to annoy the people around us!" Still nothing. I gave up and just let them tap as I scrambled to finish the exam. My time ran out and I just had to turn in what I had so I could make it to my mol bio lab. The lab was fun. We isolated the glow in the dark protein from our transgenic bacteria and ran our replicated DNA on the electrophoresis gel. It turns out that I'm homozygous recessive for the section of DNA that we were looking at. Jessica called me while I was in my lab. I told her that I couldn't talk, and that was that. Then I grabbed some lunch at the cougareat with my Lab Partner and afterwards we went to the library to work on our presentation due next week. Work was really slow. I met Adam's fiancee. She seems nice. I told him that I approved. He was glad, because had I not approved he would have had to dump her. After work I went to Route 22 with the intention of discussing something with Chelsea, but it took me a little over an hour to build up the guts to say anything. Things were awkward for a moment, but she made a good point that sometimes things need to be awkward. Awkwardness aside, I feel much better now.

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